Reverse Mortgage Requirements

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Wondering what are the requirements for a reverse mortgage?

This article is a “to the point” and blunt informational article to tell you about what are the reverse mortgage requirements.


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Reverse Mortgage Borrower Requirements

– Be 62 years of age or older

– Own your property outright, or have a very low mortgage left

– Live in the property as the principal residence

– Do not be delinquent on any federal debts

– Participate in a counseling session given by a HUD approved HECM counselor

Reverse Mortgage Property Requirements for Kettering.

In order to fulfill the reverse mortgage property requirements, you must have one of the following conditions satisfied

– Single family home, or a 2-4 unit home with one unit occupied by the borrower

– The property has to be a HUD approved condo project

– It has to be a manufactured home which meets FHA requirements

Reverse Mortgage Requirements – Financial

– Your income, assets, and other expenses/credit history might be verified/authenticated

Reverse Mortgage Financial Payment Plans and Brokers

Lump Sum: Get the proceeds in one bulk payment

Line of Credit: Get payments at irregular intervals (when you need it), in an amount of your choice until the line of credit is exhausted

Monthly Payments for your MORTGAGE: Get monthly payments for the term of the loan until the line of credit is exhausted.

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