Which houses are eligible for the mortgage program?

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Even though the requirements are fairly easy to meet one need to know that the federal housing administration will assess the applicant’s house. The house needs to be in great condition. House inspection on the house will be done to avoid investments that might lead to losses that might be more than financials. If the houses are not inspected the process would run to the ground since one cannot apply for this mortgage if the house that one owns is temporary or is used for business. The most common houses that are on this program are single family houses, one to four unit houses that are occupied by the mortgage applicant and condominiums that have met HUD’s and FHA’s requirements.
How much money can my house fetch me?

Money that one can be issued depends on several factors that the lender takes into consideration. Age is one of the factors that determine the amount of money that one can get in this program, age seems to favor the elderly, and this means that the elder one is the more the money ones house will fetch.

The other determinant is the value of the house, if one had made much investment in the house that makes the house valuable then one will make lots of money than the one who has a lower value house. The other factor that is a determinant to the amount of money that one will make is the interest rate; sadly this is not something that the home owner can influence directly, however the lower the interest rate at a particular moment the higher the amount of money that one will make.

The other determinant is the mortgage limit that is associated with the area one leaves. The important thing to note is that these factors do not work individually but they all combine to complement each other.

How is one paid?

Once the value of the house has been assessed and one has been taken into the program. The issue of how the money will reach the applicant arises. FHA reverse mortgages provide the applicants with five choices of money transfer.

The first one is tenure; this involves one receiving a certain amount of money on a monthly basis. This choice might be favored by individuals who aim at using their houses as income sources, this only holds as long as the mortgage applicant or applicants live in the house. The second choice is close to the tenure but involves a set time that the lender and applicant have agreed to.

It is known as the term option, it involves payments over an established period of time that is mostly a number of months. The other option is referred to as the line of credit; this entails unscheduled and sometimes unfixed payments to the applicant until the full amount has been met. These are the basic options that are involved in the payment.

Improvements of these methods are however available to the applicant, they are known as modified tenure and modified term. They deviate from the original modes by introducing the line of credit into them.

To Whom is This service offered?

Having met the requirements one needs to know if one will be eligible for the program. One may own a home but the method one used to acquire it may induce doubts in the application of the reverse home mortgage program. All home owners in the united states that have met the qualifications are eligible for reverse mortgage. The program does not require that one had to have acquired the house through the federal housing administration home loans. House owners that acquired their houses by building or buying by means of loans from other money lenders are qualified to enroll in the reverse mortgage program.

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